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Assisting Clients Since 1987 in Litigation, Estate Planning, Probate Law and Family Law

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Over 30 Years Experience
Attorney Mark Parsons has over 30 years of experience in civil litigation. He enjoys the respect of the legal community and St. Johns County and Flagler County residents in the handling of their legal issues.

Local attorneys frequently refer clients to Mr. Parsons, as do many of his former clients. They trust that when they refer clients to him, those persons will receive experienced and personalized service. Legal matters ranging from the establishment of an estate plan to the death of a loved one can be rife with emotional elements.

Since 1991, area residents have relied upon the Law Office of Mark E. Parsons to assist them in resolving complex, emotionally charged legal issues. Whether you are facing a difficult family situation, such as the death of loved one, or simply preparing for the future by creating a will, trust or other estate planning documents, Mr. Parsons and his staff are ready to provide the attention to meet your legal needs. Mr. Parsons has extensive trial experience in Probate Law cases.

  Probate Law  
Through his many years of practicing law and life experience, Mr. Parsons has the ability and compassion to understand and advise personal representatives, heirs, family members and beneficiaries through all aspects of the probate process
  Estate Planning  
Living Wills / Advance Care Directives    
You may want to have health directives for your care, in the event you become disabled or unable to communicate your health care wishes. Mr. Parsons can provide you legal advice and prepare the neccesary documents for you.
  Wills and Trusts  
  Whether you need a simple will, complex will or a revocable living trust, Mr  Parsons can assist you in preparing the documents you need for a comprehensive estate plan.
  Family Law  
Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
Mr. Parsons can assist you in preparing a Prenuptial or a Postnuptial Agreement which will suit your needs.
When someone is unable to manage their own affairs, due to illness, injury or advanced age, the court may appoint a guardian of the person and their property. Mr. Parsons can assist you if you wish to file a petition on behalf of a loved one, or if you are involved in litigation concerning a guardianship.
Mr. Parsons can assist you with any issues in the area of a relative adoption, including assisting in preparing the documents neccessary for an adoption.
About Us  
Mark E. Parsons has been a State of Florida licensed attorney since 1987. Since 1991 Mark and his wife Alta and two daughters have lived in St Johns county and Mark has been in private practice in St. Johns County since 1991.

Mr. Parsons is active in many local civic orginizations and is a well-repected local attorney. He will be happy to sit down with you and discuss any legal issues you may have.

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